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Looking for a job? Sign up today! We’ll help you find your next job, build your job skills and show employers you’ve got what they need through TalentABQ’s skill scores. If you need work experience, are still in school or don’t have a degree, skill scores can help you show a potential employer you have what it takes to succeed on the job.

How we connect you with jobs

TalentABQ uses WorkKeys® to assess your job ready skills such as Reading for Information, Locating Information and Workplace Observation. WorkKeys assessments are free, proctored (given by someone at the testing center) and must be taken at an official testing center.

Then, TalentABQ uses your skill scores to match you with employers in the Albuquerque Metro Area who are advertising their open jobs with the preferred skills. If your skills meet or exceed the preferred skills listed, employers can invite you to submit your information and as a member of the TalentABQ community, you can search for jobs and contact hiring employers.

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How it works

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